Zello Work Crosslink Overview

Crosslink allows network administrators to securely share selected dynamic channels from their network with other Zello Work network(s). You can now talk with suppliers, customers, and others by sharing Zello channels through a Crosslink!

Who can use Crosslink?

  • Zello Work cloud subscribers can create Crosslinks to other paid Zello Work cloud networks.
  • Zello Work On-premise Servers can create Crosslinks to other On-premise Servers or Zello Work cloud networks.

How does it work?

  • Choose one or more dynamic channels from your network and share them with one or more Zello Work networks operated by different organizations.
  • The shared channels appear in the list of channels for those networks, where their respective Admins can add or remove users. 
  • Using the shared channels, users from your network can communicate with users from other networks. Crosslink allows for channel communication only. 
  • You can add or remove users in those channels, stop sharing channels, or end the link at any time.

Creating your company profile

Start by creating a company profile, which is how other companies will know you’re trying to connect with them. Make sure this information is accurate and complete. We recommend uploading your company logo, contact name, business email, and work number.

  1. From the Management Console, tap open Menu on the taskbar
  2. Select Crosslink

  3. Complete or edit your company profile fields
  4. When done, select Save Company Profile.


Connecting to a company which already uses Zello Work

If the company you’re inviting already uses Zello Work, you’ll need to ask for their network name. If you’re trying to connect to a Zello Work On-premise Server, you’ll need their IP address or full domain name.

  1. To send a new invitation, click on the + New Invitation link:


  2. Then select Yes and follow the wizard:


Inviting a new partner to connect using Zello Work Crosslink

Even if the other company does not have a Zello Work network, you can still invite them to join your dynamic channel using Crosslink. They’ll receive an invitation to create their own Zello Work network.

  1. To send a new invitation, click on the +New Invitation link:


  2. Then select No and follow the wizard:

Sharing channels

View all shared channels and company information by selecting one of the Crosslinks. From this page, you can share more channels, remove shared channels, or close the Crosslink.


Both you and the other network have to add users to the channel; otherwise, the other network's users will not be able to hear any of your users. You’ll see a warning like in the image above if you have not added any users.

The Crosslink you’ve added to a channel will show up as the company name. You can add multiple Crosslinks to a channel so you can communicate across multiple Zello Work networks.

In the following example, the network named "mycompany" has added a Crosslink to a company named Delivery Service Austin and their network "deliveryservice". Delivery Service Austin users can now speak to users on the "mycompany" network channel named "Tuesday delivery". The channel's users and their User Roles are listed in the Users section. 


Talking to Crosslink channels

The channels your network shares through Crosslink will look like regular dynamic channels to users. On the Channels list, users will see the other network listed and the number of users online for that network.

Channels shared with you from another network are marked by their logo on the Channels list.

Users can connect and talk to Crosslink channels just like a regular dynamic channel. 

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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