Downloading messages and exporting metadata with Message Vault

Customers who have upgraded to Message Vault can download selected messages sent through the network. Admins can also export metadata which can be used for Zello usage analytics.

The Download selected option provides a ZIP file that includes:

  • MP3 files for voice messages
  • Text files for text alert messages
  • JPEG files for images
  • A TSV sheet that includes:
    • Timestamps in UNIX format
    • Message type
    • Sender, recipient, and recipient type information
    • Message duration in milliseconds
    • Image source information

The Export metadata option provides a CSV sheet containing:

  • Timestamps
  • Message type
  • Sender, recipient, and recipient type information
  • Message duration
  • Image source information

Downloading messages and exporting metadata 

  1. From the Management Console, select History from the taskbar
  2. Select and apply search filters. You can filter out by time and date, contacts, media type, or message type. Download selected supports up to 10,000 messages, while Export metadata exports the oldest 10,000 messages. If your search results in more than 10,000  messages, you can narrow down your results by applying a time and date filter. 
  3. Click on Download selected or Export metadata
  4. metadatadownload.png


  • Here's how to convert UNIX timestamps to local time
  • TSV sheets can be opened through a spreadsheet. For example:
    • Open from Excel>Browse>View all file types
    • Delimited>Tab and Comma Delimiters>Finish

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