Adding direct contacts for users

In Zello Work, a contact must be the direct contact of another user in order for them to talk privately with each other. Admins can create direct contacts for users from the Management Console. Depending on the type of channel used, the Admin may or may not need to create direct contacts for users on the channel.

By default, Team channels and Hidden channels will automatically populate the Contact list of users for one-to-one communication with all other users on the channel.

If you only have Dynamic channels set up and would like to add direct contacts for one-to-one conversations between users, follow these steps.

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar. 
  2. Select the user you want to add direct contacts for. In this example, we've selected New User, who currently has no direct contacts.

  3. Click the + sign in the Direct Contacts section. 

  4. A list of all network users will be displayed. Select one or more users to add as direct contacts for that user. To add all users in the network as direct contacts, check the box at the upper right corner and click Done. In the following example, all users in the network will be added to New User's Contact list. Conversely, every user in the network will now have New User as a Direct Contact.

  5. The new direct contacts will be displayed on the New User User profile.
  6. Direct contacts can be deleted by searching for and selecting users. To remove all direct contacts, click the checkbox at the upper left corner of the Direct Contacts section and then tapping the - sign.

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