Map the PTT button on the CAT S60

Mapping the PTT button on the CAT S60 will allow you to use the PTT button for sending voice messages on Zello. The dedicated PTT button will also bring Zello to the front when in the background, and unlock your phone. 

Follow the instructions below to map the dedicated PTT button to Zello on the CAT S60. 

1. Open the Android Settings > Programmable Key. Turn on PTT mode


2. Under your Zello Options > Push-to-talk button, make sure that "Handle dedicated PTT button" is checked.






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    YuHung Chiang

    How to ptt without unlocking the phone on Cat S41?

  • Avatar
    ZelloWork Support

    You can set your device to "show on incoming message" and "Turn on the screen" from Settings > Options > Behavior.

    This will allow you to respond to an incoming message without having to unlock the screen.

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    YuHung Chiang

    So I can only ptt when the screen is on!
    Any other way to ptt when the screen is off?

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    ZelloWork Support

    Yes, PTT is only possible with the screen in the foreground.

    At the moment the only way to PTT while in the background is by using an external accessory - BT or Wired for example.