What is the ZelloWork Message Vault?

Message Vault is the ZelloWork premium add-on feature that saves all user and channel communication to the cloud for up to two years. If your organization requires archival and retrieval of messages, you should consider adding the Message Vault feature to the base plan. 

To access the Message Vault, click on History from the Management Console taskbar


You can perform these tasks within Message Vault: 

Message Vault is $4 per user/month and is applied for all users in your base plan. You can add Message Vault from the Upgrade option on the Management Console taskbar.

How local history differs from Message Vault

If you don't want to upgrade to Message Vault or need to save all messages to the cloud, you will still have local device history which is included in your base plan. Device history retention is dependent on the device's storage capacity, but messages on the devices cannot be accessed from the Management Console. Admins can enable or disable local history on user devices from the Management Console by going to Settings in the taskbar and then the Local History section. 


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