Setting the PTT button for an Android Bluetooth accessory

Starting with Android version 3.67, we've simplified the process to add accessory and device buttons. 

Adding a PTT button:

  1. Using the manufacturer's instructions, pair your Bluetooth device to your Android phone
  2. Tap open the App Menu (3 vertical dots)
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Push-to-talk buttons
  5. Tap the Add (+) icon at bottom right corner
  6. Screenshot_20190613-135602.png
  7. When prompted, press the button on the accessory to use as the PTT button
  8. Screenshot_20190613-140401.png
  9. Test the button by using it to send a message to your Echo contact on Zello. 

IMPORTANT: Support for A2DP Bluetooth profile required by Zello. Compatible headsets are most reliably identified by A2DP support mentioned in headset specifications.

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