How does Location Tracking work?

Location Tracking allows you to track your Android and iOS users from the Map available on the ZelloWork Management Console. 

Before enabling this feature, please note that battery will be reduced significantly on tracked devices. Also, location tracking may not be available or accurate if GPS signals do not reach the user, for example, if they are indoors.

Enable Location Tracking

  1. Log into your ZelloWork Management Console. 
  2. Select the Map option from the menu.
  3. Enable the Location Tracking beta from the common settings. Make sure you save and apply setting changes.
  4. Users will only show up on the map if they are using app versions that support Location Tracking.
    • Android version 3.71+
    • iOS version 3.38+
  5. Enable Web Console Access for any users who need access to Maps. Here is how to enable Web Console Access:

How it works

User list

  • Use this list to quickly search by usernames
  • The user list comes in handy when you want to focus on one user at a time, and you do not know where he is on the map.


  • Users on the map show up in two different colors:
    • Blue means the user's location is current. 
    • Purple means the user's location is not current. Select the user to see when it was last updated.
  • Use your cursor to move the map.
  • Zoom in or out with your mouse scroll or the - and + buttons on the map.
  • Use the Map in full-screen mode by clicking on the 4 cornered icon in the upper right corner of the map. Press the ESC key to exit full-screen mode. 

User information

This mini user dashboard will show you:

  • Last updated time - The last time Zello received a location from the user.
  • Battery level - The user's device battery level.
  • Speed icon - If your user is moving, you'll be able to see how fast they're going.

Additionally, from the User information box, you can:

  • Click on the focus icon to go to that user's location.
  • Open the user's location from Google maps to easily get directions for the user or to see traffic on their route.
  • See the Location History for that user on a specific day. Location History is kept for 6 months. Location History is available for free only during the beta period of Location tracking. 

Disabling Location Tracking

  • Disable the Location Tracking from the Common settings. Make sure you save and apply setting changes.
  • Optionally, disable Location Tracking for some individuals from their User Details. User Details are found by opening Users from the menu and selecting that user. 


Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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