Enabling and using the recent contact overlay button

Overlay buttons allow you to create a talk button that lays on top of other apps for any conversation you want. This article explains how to enable and use and overlay button to show the most recent contact or channel you have sent or received a messages from. This feature will allow you to talk on your most recent conversation without having to open the app or have a specific overlay for such contact.

To be able to use this you will need:

  1. The Zello app on an Android device.
  2. Zello app version 5.19.4 or higher.
  3. Grant the app permission to "Display over other apps" from your system settings.

Enable and use overlay button for recent contact

  1. Go to the Zello menu > Options > Push-to-talk buttons > Recent contact overlay and enable the button.                                                                       

2. As soon as you have a recent contact you have spoken with, an overlay will pop up and you will be able to use it even with the app in the foreground.           

3. Tap once on the overlay to start speaking and tap again to stop               

4. Tap on the arrow to quickly open the Zello app                   

5. Tap and hold on the overlay to drag so you can place it anywhere on your screen.


Admin control

As a network admin, you get the ability to control whether all your users have this overlay enabled or not.

1. Go to the your Management Console at [YourNetworkName].zellowork.com, input your username "admin" and password to log in.

2. Go to Settings and search for "recent contact overlay", and enforce enabling or disabling this button.       Screenshot_2023-03-20_at_9.30.54_PM.png

    - Note that if the setting is not highlighted in blue, this means your users still have access to choosing if they disable or enable the feature. To ensure the admin setting is overwriting your users', make sure you change the setting and hit "Save and Apply".


To read more on using overlays for specific contacts or channels, please read Using Zello Overlay Buttons on Android



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