Enabling and using Zello on lock screen and HUD (iOS 16+)

Starting with iOS 16, Apple devices now support new special functionality for apps with live communication like Zello. The new functionality will allow your users on Apple devices to speak on Zello directly from the locked screen and from a special system UI that can be accessed from any screen. This means your users can now speak on Zello without having to open the app, and will have a shortcut for opening it if needed.


Prerequisites for this feature:

  1. Apple devices on iOS 16 or higher.
  2. Zello app version 5.20.1. Note that enabling this feature for users on older version may create unexpected behavior.

Enabling this feature

This feature can be enabled within the management console or through the app by an end-user.

Note: Use user templates to enable this setting only for a subset of your users if desired.

Management Console

  1. As a Zello Work network admin with access to settings, sign into your management console at [network name].zellowork.com
  2. Go to Settings, search for PTT Framework, and enable the setting.

Changing this setting as an admin will override the options available for the end-user from the app.


     3. Save and Apply changes

iOS app

Note: Please make sure version 5.25.1+ has been installed in order to find this setting within the iOS app

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Toggle the setting "Enable Zello on lock screen and HUD"

IMG_6209 2.jpg


How it works:

  1. Once this feature is enabled for your users, they should start seeing a "blue pill" in the top left corner. Tapping on this blue pill will show the Heads up display to speak, open or leave Zello.       IMG_5367.jpg  IMG_5368.jpg

             - Tap and hold the "Talk" button to speak to the displayed channel or contact.


             - Tap on the user to open the Zello app.

             - Tap on the "Leave" button to close Zello


   2. The above functionality is also available from the phone's locked screen and it will work in the same way as described above.

              IMG_5380.jpg                    IMG_5374.PNG


   3. When someone speaks to you on Zello, a notifications will display at the top the name of the channel or contact who is speaking as well as their profile picture.




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    Andrew Mora

    Enabling Zello on iOS 16+ lock screens and HUD is a game-changer! This functionality enhances accessibility and safety. The convenience of using Zello without unlocking the device is invaluable, especially when driving. Kudos for this update; it's a significant leap in user experience and on-the-go communicatiohttps://acfootballcases.com/product/pierre-michel-lasogga-10/