How to use Hotkeys on Dispatch Hub

Dispatch Hub users are now able to respond to messages using their keyboard, external microphone, pedals, map LMC microphones with HID commands, or other PTT equipment. They can set an external button to respond to accepted calls.

Why is this beneficial?

Dispatch Hub users can save time and focus better by not needing to pull up Zello or minimize other applications in order to perform functions on Zello.


How to configure Hotkeys

  1. Go to Options > Settings > Push to talk button > Press to assign key



How to Use Hotkeys

  • Make sure a call is active and selected in order for the PTT Hotkeys to work
    • To select the call, click Accept and Click on the active call cell
  • Receiving a message in another call does not change the call that is selected, it has to be changed manually





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