How to view Message History on Dispatch Hub

Zello saves all user and channel communication to the cloud for up to two years. Admins have now the ability to view and download metadata and recordings on communications that have happened in channels. Users can also gain deeper insight into what is happening with their dispatchers and their team’s communication.

How to use

Retrieving and Reviewing Calls:

  1. Ensure Message Vault is enabled for your network. Please note that Message Vault is not included in all Zello subscriptions. For more information on pricing, see this page
  2. Log into your Zello Work network Management Console and go to the “History” tab
  3. To find calls and information specific to the Dispatch Channels:
    • Under “Message Source” → “Dispatch Calls”: Allows users to only see messages sent in calls.
    • Under “Media type” → Call Started/Accepted/Ended: Allows users to only see the specific record they care about including:
      • “Call Started” →  indicates that a call was initiated either by a driver or a dispatcher
      • “Call Accepted” → The call was taken by a dispatcher and moved from their pending list to their active list.
      • “Call Ended” → The call was ended either by a user clicking “End call”, the call reaching the max limit of staying open without activity both in the active or pending list, or the dispatcher logging out
    • Under the “To” column → Click on Call ID number: Filters the table to show only the records associated with that call
    • “Clear Call ID filter” : Go back to seeing all messages after filtering by a Call ID

Exporting Metadata:

When exporting the metadata of dispatch calls records you will be able to download data in 4 columns:

  • Call ID: Dispatch channel respective unique call identifier.
  • Recipient type: “dispatch_call” for when the message was sent on a dispatch channel call
  • Recipient: Channel name
  • Recipients in channel: User(s) who received that message

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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