Can we import or export user data?

ZelloWork allows you to import and export user data from the management console.

Importing users

If you have many users to add after upgrading, you can import multiple users from a comma separated value (CSV) file instead of adding them one-by-one. Go to “Users” and select “Import users” link.

The “Import users” page shows you how to create a CSV with user account information. Ensure the labels match what you see in this example.


If your network has existing users, you can simply have username and any other fields you want to edit in bulk. For example, username and channels as fields will simply edit the channels for the list of usernames you provide.

Exporting user data

You can also select “export users” for a text list of user information. For each user, the export data shows username, email, display name, job title, tags, channels and contacts.


You can copy the exported data and paste into an Excel file to make any needed changes and import again.


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