Importing new users and exporting user data

The ZelloWork console has both an import and export option to help you manage large numbers of users. 

Importing users

You can import up to 15,000 users using a comma-separated value (CSV) file instead of adding them one-by-one.

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar
  2. Select Import Users.  NOTE: The import feature will not create channels, so make sure channels are created separately
  3. importuser.png
  4. The Import Users page illustrates how to create a CSV file for import and provides a sample template you can download. Ensure the labels match what you see in the sample
  5. To edit existing users, you will need a column for the username and password (at minimum) and any other fields you want to edit in bulk. For example, adding columns for the username and channel will allow you to edit the channels for the usernames listed
  6. To create SignOn Links for imported users, be sure to add a column named signon_send_to to your CSV file. This column supports both the email address and phone number for SMS texts. Separate the values with a semi-colon if both are used. 

Exporting user data

You can also select Export Users for a text list of user information. For each user, the export data will include the username, email, display name, job title, tags, channels, and contacts.

You can copy and paste the exported data into an Excel file to make any needed changes and import again if needed.

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