Adding users to the network

After you have created a network, there are three ways to add users to the network using the Admin Management Console:

  • From the Dashboard or Users screen: Use this method when you have a few users to add who have unique contacts, channels, and settings. 
  • Importing users with a CSV spreadsheet: Use this method when adding users in bulk. You can also clone users within the spreadsheet (See Cloning users below).
  • Cloning users from a selected User details screen or when Importing users: Use this method if you have users with many, or all, of the same contacts, channels, and settings.

Click on the links for Importing users or Cloning users for more information on those methods.

HINT: After adding users to the network, you can optionally send them SignOn Links to make onboarding easier. By using SignOn Links, users can install ZelloWork on their devices and sign in to the network without entering their network name, username, or password. 

Adding users from the Dashboard

From the Management Console Dashboard, click on Add new user or New User


Adding users from the Users screen

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar
  2. Click on +New User 


The username and password are the only required fields. Other fields and profile pictures are optional and can be added later. 



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