Suggestions to reduce battery drain on user devices

You may be able to reduce battery drain on user devices by doing the following from the Management Console: 

  • Disable Location Tracking 
  • Keep Location Tracking on but set Location report interval to "Auto (power saving)"
  • Increase or turn off the Keep-alive interval setting.

Additionally, users can conserve battery by keeping their screen dark, locked, and use Zello while running in the background with accessories.

Keep in mind that while using these options may conserve battery, it may also affect Zello's functionality or reliability. You should consider the tradeoff of saving battery life vs decreased functionality before employing any of these suggestions for your network. Thoroughly review the sections below before proceeding.

Disabling or adjusting Location Tracking settings

  1. From the Management Console, select Settings
  2. From the right side-bar, select Common and go to the Location tracking section
  3. Screen_Shot_2019-08-13_at_8.52.27_AM.png
  4. In the Location tracking section:

Turn off GPS Location Tracking if you don't need tracking 


Set Location report interval to Auto (power saving) if you require tracking but only need periodic reports. This can reduce battery usage by 50% or more. 

Increasing the Keep-alive interval

Setting Zello to run continuously by using frequent keep-alive checks will reduce a device's battery life. To reduce the number of attempts made to reconnect Zello and reduce battery usage, you can increase the Keep-alive interval setting. Be aware that this may increase the time it takes Zello to recognize a device has lost connection and update its status to "Standby" (Zello not connected). Subsequently, Zello may erroneously show the device as in "Available" status when, in fact, there is no connection and the transmission will fail.

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