Assigning users as secondary Admins and Sub-Admins

There are three types of admins that can be on a ZelloWork network:

  • Primary Admin
  • Secondary Admins
  • Sub-Admins

The primary Admin is the person who initially creates the network and is the only admin with access to any billing information. The primary Admin has the highest priority and full access to the web-based Admin Management Console. The username for the primary Admin is always admin and cannot be deleted.

If your company requires people to back up the primary Admin in case of an emergency or absence, secondary Admin access can be assigned to selected users from the console. Like the primary Admin, secondary Admins can log in to the Management Console to help manage all the users on the network. Full access can be granted to use the entire console, or only to the console map to view and track user locations. The primary Admin can revoke secondary Admin console access at any time.

The third type of admin, known as a Sub-Admin can be created with tags to manage subsets of users (teams or groups). The tags are assigned by a primary or secondary Admin. The Sub-Admin can only manage users with the same tags as theirs. Subsequently, the more tags a Sub-Admin is assigned, the less control they have over users. For example, if a Sub-Admin has tags of "emergency", "dispatch", and "first-shift", only users with the same three tags will be displayed on that admin's Management Console. For a full explanation of how to use tags to create Sub-Admins, see this link.

Assigning users as secondary Admins

To assign users with Full, Map Only, or no access to the web console:

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar
  2. Select the user to be assigned as a secondary Admin. In our example, we'll select the user named "nancyp" to become an Admin
  3. From the User Details screen, you can edit the user's display name, position, and email address. Select Full to grant full Admin access to the console. Select Map Only to grant only access to the map to view users and no other console pages. Select None to revoke access to the console. 

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