'Invalid password or username' message when I try to login to ZelloWork

If you've already made sure the password and username are correct, the invalid message might be showing up when you’re trying to log in to Zello instead of ZelloWork.

If your device is a Windows PC or a Windows Mobile, you need to download the ZelloWork app directly from the console dashboard. For more details on how to get to your dashboard and download the app please read our Windows PC or Windows Mobile guide.

On the other hand, if the device is an iOS or Windows Phone, you will have to get the Zello app from the App Store or Windows Marketplace. Once you download the app, make sure you’re logging in to ZelloWork (Hint: This method should ask you for a Network name). If you’d like more information on these please read our iOS Start Guide and Windows Phone guide.

Finally, Android and Blackberry devices have both options mentioned above. They allow you to either download Zello from their app store or directly from the console dashboard. If you decide to get the app from the app store, please make sure you’re logging in to ZelloWork instead of Zello. Please refer to our Android and Blackberry guides for details.

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    Tiara permata

    How long do i have to wait to login again when there’s too many sign in failures?