Installing ZelloWork on devices

On your Dashboard, you’ll see downloads for all the Zello clients. Because they’re configured to work with your private network, users need to install these on their devices. Administrators can install the client or send users to and have them install the appropriate client from that page. The "mycompany" name represents the network name you created with the admin console. For example, a network named "acmedelivery" would have a page located at ""

To access a specific client go to the following URL from the device:

Install ZelloWork on an iPhone

To install Zello, go to the App Store on the iPhone and search for Zello. Select Zello Walkie Talkie and tap “Free” and “Install App.” After installing, the Zello "Z" icon appears on your screen. Tap the icon to launch Zello.

Tap “ZelloWork” on the “Add account” page to log in to the network. Enter the username, password and network address:

The iPhone is all set! For more help, refer to Install ZelloWork on iOS devices.

For more help, drop us a line at

Thanks for using ZelloWork!

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