Configuring Honeywell Dolphin 70e (Windows Embedded 6.5) for use with ZelloWork

Follow these steps to configure your Honeywell Dolphin 70e for ZelloWork

  1. Install ZelloWork app
  2. Map left side utility button to ZelloWork app. Open Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons, select Left in the top list and ZelloWork in the bottom and tap OK.
  3. Turn off hardware button press sounds. Open Start > Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Sounds. Uncheck Hardware buttons, tap OK
  4. Start ZelloWork app and sign in. You can press Left button to start ZelloWork
  5. Map PTT button in Zello. Tap Menu > Options > Control. Tap Set next to Push to talk option and press Left key -- you should see it recognized by the app. Tap OK. Now you can always press Left button to foreground Zello app then press and hold to transmit.
  6. Tweak audio settings. Tap Menu > Options > Audio. Check Enable audio device power management to make Zello audio work when device sleeps with locked screen.

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