Set up a Bluetooth LE button


1. Open the Zello Menu > "Options" > "Push To Talk button" > "Wireless Zello button".


2. Select "Scan" at the top right to look for BT LE.

3. Find the device and connect it.

4. "Pair" with Bluetooth when prompter by the pop-up. 

Android for Coda buttons

1. Search Coda Button in the Play Store and download. If you cannot find the Coda Button application in the play store your device may not be compatible. 



2. Pair your BT LE button with the application. 

3. Click on the settings wheel next to the device you're using and select compatible app.

5. Select Zello or Zello for Work. 

6. Go back to Zello and start using your button! 


Known bug for CodaClick and CodaWheel: 

If you connect the button to Bluetooth first on the iPhone, the button may go into a weird state and will not be recognized by Zello. To fix this state please:

1. Under iOS Bluetooth options, find the button, tap the info icon and "Forget this device"
2. Turn off Bluetooth on the devices that have been paired to the Bluetooth buttons
3. Delete the Coda button app (if you have downloaded it)
4. Turn off the button
5. Turn the button back on
6. Press the Codaclick button for about 10 seconds... or until the button's light goes back between red and green
7. Turn on Bluetooth... but do not do anything else under Bluetooth
8. Open Zello > Menu > Options > Push to talk button > Wireless Zello button
9. Turn on Wireless button service
10. Scan, you should see the Codaclick that is flashing red and green
11. A popup option will ask to pair the button with BT, press pair

The button should now work well with Zello. 


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