Testing audio on devices with the "echo" contact

Zello uses a special contact named "echo" to allow users to test the audio on their devices. 

Adding echo as a contact on the network

Admins must create and add the user named "echo" from the Management Console. The echo contact is treated as another network user and requires a password. After creating it, Admins can add the echo contact as a direct contact in channels or for selected users.  

Using echo to test audio on user devices

This is how the echo contact appears on an Android user's Contacts list. It is similarly displayed on an iOS user's Contacts list:


Users can use the echo contact to test their audio quality by speaking on the echo talk screen and then hearing the audio played back. This is the echo talk screen on an iOS device: 


Adjusting audio settings from the Management Console

The Admin can adjust various settings on the Management Console to improve audio quality by going to Settings>Platform (Android, iOS, or Desktop)>Voice quality.

NOTE: Any setting changes will affect all devices on the same platform within the network. If you need to isolate certain devices to use the custom settings, create a template for those devices before attempting to adjust settings. 


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