Adding and setting up channels for the network

Channels are used within a network to allow groups of people to talk or listen to each other at the same time. Upon the creation of a new Zello Work network, a channel named Everyone is added by default. The Everyone channel automatically includes all network users and has a channel type of "Team". Users on the Everyone channel can talk to everyone on the channel simultaneously. In addition, all users on the channel are made direct contacts of each other. This allows channel users to select another contact to talk with one-to-one.

There is no limit to the number of channels that can be created on your network, and no limit to the number of users you can add to a channel as members. However, only 10000 users can be connected and active at any given time. This number may be increased if needed, and capacity is available. Please contact Zello Support for assistance on raising the limit. 

Only Admins can create channels, add users to channels, and edit channel settings. Channels and users are created and managed from the Admin Management Console. New channels will not display on user devices until there are at least two users in the channel.

Channel types 

There are four channel types available for the network: Team, Dynamic, and Hidden. The channel type determines who can speak to everyone on the channel, see and contact other users, and leave or rejoin the channel. The Admin sets the channel type, and it can be changed at any time from the Management Console. 

For more information on the three channel types, please refer to Choosing a channel type and Changing channel types.  

Adding a new channel

  1. From the Management Console, select Channels from the taskbar
  2. Select +New Channel in the upper right 


  3. On the New Channel screen, enter a name for your channel and choose the Channel Type and click Create Channel

Adding users to a channel

  1. From the Channels list, select the channel you want to add users to


  2. Select the + (Add users) icon in the Users section 


  3. Select users to add by tapping on the checkbox to the right of each username. To add all users in the network, tap the All checkbox at the upper right corner, as shown below


    • Note: For adding users to Dispatch Channels, you have the choice to add users as Dispatchers or Drivers. To add a dispatcher or driver, select the user and click on the Role dropdown. Select Dispatcher for the selected users to have the role of the dispatcher or - (dash) to have the role of the driver.
  4. Select Done when finished.

Adjusting maximum message length and interrupt times 

New channels have a default of no time limit for the length of messages that a user can send, as long as no one else is trying to talk in the channel. If someone else is trying to speak, the default interrupt time is one minute. 

To customize these two settings for a specific channel, Admins can use the Channels Details>Advanced Settings screen. Interrupt times can be set from 0 to 20 seconds. Maximum message length can be set to 5/10/20/30 seconds or 1/2/5 minutes. 

To customize interrupt time and message length for all channels in the network, Admin should go to Settings>Common settings on the Management Console. 

  1. From the Channels list, select the channel you want to adjust
  2. On the Channel Details section, tap on the Advanced Settings gear icon


  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, adjust the interrupt time and maximum message length 


  4. Tap Save when done.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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