How do I add channels to my ZelloWork account?

Instead of talking to one contact, users can talk to groups of people in their assigned channels. Only the network admin can assign users to channels. When in a channel, a user can talk as long as no one else is talking or trying to talk. If someone else tries to talk, there’s a one-minute talk limit per user, otherwise there’s no time limit.

Adding a new channel

1. Sign in to the console and go to Channels> Add New Channel


2. This opens the New Channel box. Enter a name and select the Channel Type


3. Your channel choices are Team, Dynamic, or Hidden. Select one and then "Create channel"



For more information on channels, please refer to Choosing a channel type and Changing channel types.  

Adding users to a Channel

1. Select the channel to add new users.

2. Select the "Add users button" under the Users section.

3. Select users to add to the channel>Continue>Verify user selections and click Done.


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