How does Zello Work differ from the Zello consumer app?

Zello Work is the preferred option for businesses and organizations because it provides more control, more security, and a fully customizable version of Zello. Zello Work offers the following features that are not available within the consumer version of Zello:

Zello Work Feature


Your own private network

With Zello Work, you will get a secure and private network with full control over who can access the network and which users communicate with each other within your network.

Secure end-to-end encryption

Zello Work offers encryption for all one-to-one and channel communications. Consumer Zello only offers encryption for private messages, as channels are public and anyone can listen. 

Click here for full encryption specifications. 

Dedicated servers

Zello Work operates on a physically separate network of servers that are specifically sized to meet the capacity needs of businesses. The free consumer Zello app, on occasion, may be affected by peak usage that can be unpredictable.

On-premise Server option

Host Zello Work on your own local WiFi or LAN network for ultimate control and privacy. The On-premise Server option is intended for clients who need maximum security, are located in remote areas with little to no internet connection, or have existing servers hosting all other software components.

Emergency Alert Button

One of Zello Work's premium features is a dedicated SOS alert button that sends an alert, ten seconds of live audio, and location into your specified emergency channel. This is designed for businesses with lone-worker and hazardous environments. 

Management console

Zello Work offers you a web-based management interface to configure and control users, their devices, and channels. It also shows live user statuses and has a plethora of settings that allow you to fully customize your network. 

LMR integration

Zello Work includes support for a radio gateway solution that lets you seamlessly integrate your existing two-way radio network to Zello smartphones.

(Note: Both Zello Work and free Zello can be integrated with radio gateway solutions.)

Dispatch Hub

The Zello Work Dispatch Hub can be used to visualize a shared queue of incoming calls that dispatchers can respond to, replay, or discard. Your dispatchers always know who messaged when, and what’s next on their list.

Location tracking and Premium Maps

The Management Console offers a real-time mapping feature that displays a user's current location on OpenStreetMap, device battery level, and speed of travel. The Premium Map upgrade adds Google Maps and traffic services, along with 90 days of Location History (bread-crumb trail).

Message Vault

Message vault is a premium feature that allows you to archive all voice messages, photos, and texts for up to two years. This data can also be exported from the Management Console in a CSV format.

Clone User feature

You can use this feature to add new users and admins by cloning an existing record. Cloning can be done from a user's details screen or with the Import Users feature. 

User Roles

Zello Work network administrators can choose who their users can hear and speak to within a channel.


For Example, Driver and dispatch roles can be created, so drivers do not have to hear each other within a channel to reduce noise and distractions while driving. Broadcast channels can be created to make important announcements and limit who can reply within the same channel.

Technical support

Zello Work customers have access to a dedicated technical support team to quickly resolve issues and answer questions. 

Smart device and audio accessory support

The right devices and audio accessories empower Zello users to talk safely and clearly in loud environments. All accessories come with dedicated push-to-talk buttons and in some cases panic buttons.

Import User feature With Zello Work, you can do a bulk import to quickly add or update a large number of users simultaneously. 


Zello Work's Crosslink feature can be used to create channels that can send communications between two or more Zello Work networks. For example, your company's channel can link to a third-party or vendor's Zello Work channel.


With QuickConnect enabled, transmissions in channels can attain near-zero latency, comparable to the latency on a two-way radio. 

Developer Tools

Windows, iOS, and Android SDKs are available to simplify use between multiple apps and to integrate Zello Work within your own app. The server-side API is available to anyone with a Zello Work account.

(Note: Channels SDK and Channels API, with limited functionality, is available for the free app.)


Click here for a free 14-day trial of Zello Work!

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