View user status in real-time from Web console

You can view users' status from your web console


Available: Solid green circle with a check mark indicates the user is online and all messages play in real-time.

Busy: Solid orange circle indicates Zello places messages in History for listening at a later time. Messages are still being received in real time, but not played as they are received.

Tip for Android phones: Zello automatically changes the status to “Busy” when the user decreases volume level to silent. 

Standby: Hollow green circle indicates the user isn’t online. Missed messages will be stored for up to seven days, then played when the user returns to “Available”.

Tip: If users are constantly on Standby there may be network issues. 

Offline: Hollow gray circle indicates the user is offline. The user can’t receive messages while offline. Users will only show as Offline instead of Standby if missed message retention is not supported, which is the case for Shared Devices and Dispatch Hub users.

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