Can I delegate admin to different groups and organize users?

Yes, you can do this by tagging users to assign different administrators to different user groups within your company's network. The more tags administrators have, the greater the restriction. This is because they will only be able to view and control those users and channels with the same tags the administrators have. If some administrators have one tag, they will be able to see the users with that tag. If other administrators have two tags, they can only view the users with the same two tags.  

You can do a lot of things with tags. In fact, non-admin users might find it useful. For example, you can tag people who work in maintenance. Once you have a maintenance admin, they will be able to make changes to all users tagged under maintenance, instead of having to wait for the overall admin to make these changes.

Using tags

Follow these steps to turn on tags and begin tagging.

1. Sign in to your console ( and navigate to Settings > Web admin.

2. Toggle ON the button next to “Use Tags for Web Admin access” to activate the tags.

3. Click “Save and apply.”

Now you can assign tags to users. Before assigning different administrators to different user groups, provide administrator access to those who need it.

4. Navigate back to “Users” at the top of the console.

5. Click the name of the user to make administrator.

6.  Under “Web Console Access” select "Full"

You can start tagging.

7. Return to the “Users” page.

8. Click the checkboxes next to the users you want to tag with the same tag.

9. Select the “+ Add Tag(s)” button to create or assign a tag.

Be sure to add tags to channels so that the tagged administrators can view them too. Go to the “Channels” page and select the checkbox next to the channel and select the tag.

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