Using tags to assign Sub-Admins for users and channels

All ZelloWork networks are initially created by an account named admin. This primary Admin account has total control of the entire network and all its users. The Admin can assign users as additional Admins with full network access to help manage the network when the primary Admin is not available. Tags can be used to create a third kind of admin known as Sub-Admins with limited network access to users and channels.

Tags are assigned to Sub-Admins to restrict which users and channels they can manage from the Management Console. Sub-Admins can only manage users and channels with the same tags assigned to them. Consequently, the more tags assigned to a Sub-Admin, the more restrictive their access becomes on the network.

For example, if a Sub-Admin only has one tag of "ATX" assigned, all users or channels tagged with "ATX" will be displayed on the Management Console for that Sub-Admin. If the Sub-Admin is assigned with two tags such as "ATX" and "emergency", only users and channels tagged with both "ATX" and "emergency" will be displayed on the Sub-Admin's console.

In addition to assigning Sub-Admins to specific users/channels, tags can be used to identify teams in general. For example, you can tag users into teams by their job titles. For a hotel, possible team tags could be "maintenance", "front desk", "maid service", etc. Tagging users into teams makes the task of adding future Sub-Admins for teams easier. Simply add the team's tag(s) to the Sub-Admin's account for instant control on the console.

Enabling tags for the network

When ZelloWork is first installed, tags are turned off by default. Follow these steps to turn on the tags option and begin tagging Sub-Admins and their users and channels.

  1. From the Management Console, select Settings from the taskbar
  2. Select Web Admin
  3. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_5.07.13_PM.png
  4. Toggle on Use Tags for Web Admin access
  5. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_5.10.12_PM.png
  6. Click Save and Apply when done.

Assigning Sub-Admins for the network

Your network is now enabled for tags. If you need to assign Sub-Admins, do that first by following the steps below. 

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar
  2. Select the username you want to assign as a Sub-Admin. In this example, the username is User89
  3. Select Web Console Access setting of Full for full administrative rights. At this point, the Sub-Admin has the same access rights as the primary Admin. To restrict access, continue to the next step to add tags for the account
  4. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_5.42.01_PM.png
  5. Under the User Details section, click on the green + icon to assign tags for this Sub-Admin. In this example, only users tagged with both "dispatch" and "driver" will be under this Sub-Admin's control 
  6. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_5.48.24_PM.png

Adding tags to users

You can now tag users into their teams or groups. 

  1. From the Management Console, select Users from the taskbar
  2. Check off all the users you want to tag with the same tags
  3. Click the + Add tag(s) button to create or assign tags for the selected users. In this example, all selected users will be tagged with both "dispatch" and "driver". These users will be managed by the newly assigned Sub-Admin (User89)
  4. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_6.02.19_PM.png

Adding tags to channels 

You can also restrict sub-Admins to the channels they can see and manage. 

NOTE: User tags have no relationship to channel tags for end users. The users in a channel may, or may not, have the same tags as the channel. However, when a sub-admin creates a channel, their tags will automatically apply to the channel 

  1. Go to the Channels page and select the channel to tag. Enter or select tags for the channel. In the following example, the "Emergency" channel will be tagged with "dispatch", "driver", and "emergency". The primary Admin and Sub-Admins with any combination of these three tags will have access to this channel.  
  2. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_7.42.39_PM.png
  3. The new channel tags will be displayed on the Channels list
  4. Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_7.43.59_PM.png

Channel tagging illustrated

The following chart shows the primary Admin and three Sub-Admins with their assigned tags. Access to the channels "Emergency ATX", "Emergency All", and "Office ATX" is indicated for each admin. The more tags a Sub-Admin is assigned, the less access is granted. In the example, the Sub-Admin named atx-emer-supervisor is denied access to any channel without both "ATX" and "emergency" as tags.


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