Is there a Radio-Tone Standalone Zello-compatible Gateway?

Zello For Work users can install a SiteCast gateway to connect virtual Zello channels with real broadcast radio channels.

Alternatively, any Zello Windows user can purchase Radio-Tone's Zello-compatible RoIP1 Radio-over-IP controller. This small box uses a USB cable to connect 2-way radio audio with Zello or other audio application.  They cost about $415 and it works with the free Zello app. Zello does not sell or support the device.
Radio-Tone RoIP2 videos:
RoIP2 Zello Gateway
Base station to Zello
Airband to Zello 
Channel showing gateway in use 


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    Will Zello make any active effort to block the Radio-Tone gateways' compatibility in the future?