How to Set Up for Savox Bluetooth Speaker/Mic or Headset

To use Zello without looking at the screen, you can use Savox BTR-155 speaker/microphone [Watch a video demo] or Savox BTH-101 headset.



They're high-quality Bluetooth solutions for replacing traditional 2-way radio speaker/microphones. Both devices are supported on the free consumer version of Zello for Android, Zello For Work for Android, and Zello For Work for Windows rugged devices. Currently, iOS, Blackberry and Windows PC are not supported.

Steps to install on an Android device:

  1. Install Zello for Android from the Google Play store or from your Zello For Work network.
  2. Pair the BTR-155 or BTH-101 with your phone using Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings.
  3. Open Zello and go to Menu > Options > Push-to-talk button.
  4. Select “Savox BTR-155” or “Savox BTH-101” in the Bluetooth PTT Control Device selector. You should see a popup indicating the device control has been activated. If you don't see it, you may need to power cycle the headset and repeat.
  5. Open the Talk screen in Zello (the screen with a big round button).
  6. At the bottom-left corner, tap-hold and slide to Bluetooth icon to activate the Savox device in Zello. 
  7. Now, the Savox PTT button will work with Zello even if Zello is running in the background.

Step to install on Windows rugged mobile device:

  1. Use your Zello For Work account.  If you don't have an account, see how to open one at Zello For Work start guide.  Accounts are free for up to 5 users.   
  2. Sign in to your Zello For Work console.
  3. Download Windows Mobile Client
  4. Install the Zello app on your Windows Mobile device.
  5. Pair the Savox BTR-155 or Savox BTH-101 and add it as COM1 under Bluetooth > COM Ports
  6. Open the Zello app and sign in.
  7. Select Menu > Options > Audio. Select “Bluetooth Mode B” and tap “OK”.
  8. Select Menu > Options > Control. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, select "Use Blucomm" and select “COM1” from the drop down list. Press “OK”.
  9. Select a contact in the list. The PTT button on the Savox device will now transmit using Zello.

NOTE: The PTT button will not work while the Settings screen is active -- it will only work on Contacts or Recents screens regardless of whether the device screen is on or off. When the application is minimized, the default behavior is to bring it to the foreground on the first push. You can then select a contact or confirm selection and then push and hold to transmit. Zello has been tested with a Motorola MC67.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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