iPhone Zello Work Start Guide

Installing the Zello Work app

Here are the steps to install the Zello app and log into your Zello Work network. 

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for Zello.

2. Select “Zello Walkie Talkie”

3. Tap “Get” button and install the app

4. After installing, the Zello "Z" icon appears on your screen. Tap the icon to launch Zello.


5. Select the “Zello Work” link.


6. Make sure "Zello Work account" is enabled. Enter your Zello Work username, password and network OR click on a sign-on link your admin sent to you OR scan a QR-code. 


The Menu icon has three parallel lines and appears in the left-hand corner of your screen. You can access many options from the Menu.

IMG_9453.PNG_2020-07-13_15-01-43.png  IMG_9454.PNG   

Contacting users

Here are the steps to talk to your contacts when they appear online.

1. Select “Contacts” from Menu.

2. Select contact.

3. Press and hold the big push-to-talk button.


4. Say something.

5. Release the button when you finish talking.

Managing your status

To change status, tap “Status” from the Menu and select your new status.


Status types

  • Available: User is online and all incoming messages play in real-time.
  • Solo: Listen to one channel without disconnecting from all of them or talk to a selected contact and all messages will go to Recents so you’re not interrupted.
  • Busy: User is not available and Zello saves messages in History for listening when it’s convenient.
  • Offline: Zello automatically changes the status to Offline when not used for seven days. The user can’t receive offline messages. However, Zello keeps the messages sent prior to going offline.
  • Standby: The user isn’t running Zello, but can still receive offline messages. (This is not an option as it's based on a user exiting the Zello app. But this is what others see when they check a logged out user's status.)

You can add a message to your status.



Using solo mode

If you want to listen to one channel without disconnecting from all of them, do the following. 

  1. Select “Status” from the Menu
  2. Select “Solo.”

Talking in a channel

Select “Channels” from Menu. Tap the channel to join the conversation. When no one is talking, press and hold the push-to-talk button and talk.

When you’re connected to channels, you hear every conversation for all active channels. To disconnect from a dynamic channel (Blue Target Circle icon), select the channel name and tap the Disconnect Channel icon.


To reconnect to the channel, tap the icon again.

Sending call alerts

You can send alert tones and text messages to a contact. Tap the Alert icon from the contact's screen. If you wish, you can enter text. Beware, the alert repeats the audio tone every minute until the person responds or dismisses the alert. 

IMG_9459.PNG_2020-07-13_15-20-55.png IMG_9460.PNG

Here’s what an incoming alert looks like.


Mapping a hardware PTT button

You can set the PTT button on an iOS accessory using the Push-to-talk buttons option. In addition to the standard Apple wired headset, other supported wired and Bluetooth accessories are listed on our Accessories page. These accessories have been tested in-house and are Zello certified. 

Setting the PTT button for an iOS accessory (wired or BT) 


Listening to History

Recents has all your missed messages while you were offline. As soon as you sign in, Zello plays them.


To view History, select a user and tap the Chat icon. Tap a message to listen. The message plays and scrolls to the next one unless you tap the Pause icon.  

IMG_9459.PNG_2020-07-13_15-49-25.png  IMG_9464.PNG

Managing settings

To manage your Zello settings, select “Options” from the Menu. 

IMG_9465.PNG_2020-07-13_15-56-42.png  IMG_9466.PNG

For Advanced Settings, go to Menu -> Options -> Support -> Advanced Settings

IMG_9467.PNG_2020-07-13_15-57-16.png  IMG_9468.PNG

For more information on Settings, please see the iPhone Settings Guide.

Customizing alerts with Zello 

You can customize alert sounds on Zello.

To access the audio alerts settings in Zello, do the following:

1. Tap “Options” from the Menu.

2. Choose “Alert tones / vibrate.”

3. Change any alerts you want. 




Thanks for using ZelloWork!

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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