Android ZelloWork Start Guide

This guide teaches you the basics of using the Zello app on an Android device. Note: this guide only applies to android devices with screens. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Part One: Installing the Zello app
  2. Part Two: Log in to Zello Work
  3. Part Three: Sending 1:1 Messages
  4. Part Four: Managing your status
  5. Part Five: Talking in a channel
  6. Part Six: Choosing Audio Input and Output
  7. Part Seven: Listening to History
  8. Part Eight: Managing notifications
  9. Part Nine: Sending Text and Images


Part One: Installing the Zello app

You have two options for installing ZelloWork on your Android:

  1. Through the Google Playstore.
  2. If your device is not compatible with the Playstore, you can download Zello through the Zello Website.

1. Installing Zello app from Google Play

1. Search for Zello in Google Play on your Android.

2. Download the app.

2. Install the ZelloWork app from the Zello Website

1. Go to and click download the zello.apk 



2. Open the .apk file on your phone, which will immediately begin the download. 


Note: If your install is blocked, follow the instructions and select “Settings.” Verify the box next to “Unknown sources” is checked. Download the Android client again.

Android.InstallBlocked.png   Android.UnknownSources.png

5. Select “Install” to agree to the installation terms.

Zello is now loaded. 


Part Two: Log in to Zello Work

3. Select “Zello Work."


2. Enter your ZelloWork username, password and network. Use just the name of your network. For example, in, use mycompany


3. Tap “Sign in.”

4. Choose a channel or a contact to start talking.



Part Three: Sending 1:1 Messages

You can use the Contacts screen to send direct messages to your contacts. Contacts listed as "Available" will receive the message in real time.

1. Select the desired User.


2. Press and hold the big push-to-talk button to send a message. Release the button when you finish talking.



Part Four: Managing your status

To change your status, tap the Menu button and “Status.” Tap your new status or “Set status message” to customize a message for when you’re Busy. When you switch to Busy, the text message appears.


Status types

  • Available: User is online and all incoming messages play in real-time.
  • Solo: Listen to one channel without disconnecting from all of them or talk to a selected contact and all messages will go to Recents so you’re not interrupted.
  • Busy: User is not available and Zello saves messages in History for listening when it’s convenient.
  • Offline: Zello automatically changes the status to Offline when not used for seven days. The user can’t receive offline messages. However, Zello keeps the messages sent prior to going offline.
  • Standby: The user isn’t running Zello, but can still receive offline messages. (This is not an option as it's based on a user exiting the Zello app. But this is what others see when they check a logged out user's status.)

As long as you're not in Solo, you can receive calls from anyone while you're talking to a contact.


Part Five: Talking in a channel

To talk in the channel, tap the channel name and push the big button when you want to talk. Zello is half-duplex, so this will not work if someone else is currently talking in the channel.

When you’re connected to multiple channels, you’ll hear every conversation for all active channels. To disconnect from a dynamic channel, press and hold the channel name in your list, then tap the Disconnect Channel icon.


For more info about the type of channels available with ZelloWork, please refer to Choosing a channel type.


Part Six: Choosing Audio Input and Output

If you map a wired or Bluetooth headset, you will use one of Earpiece or Bluetooth icon in the talk screen. Otherwise, only the Speaker icon appears.


  • Earpiece icon: This is for wired accessories that plug into your Android device to make it easier to communicate on Zello.
  • Bluetooth icon: In Bluetooth mode, you can communicate on Zello using a Bluetooth®-compatible accessory.
  • Speaker icon: Switch to Speaker mode to use your device’s speaker.

Part Seven: Listening to History

Here are the steps to listen to messages.

1. Select a username from Recents, Contacts or Channels.  

2. Select the History icon on the talk screen in the upper right corner.


3. Tap a message to listen.


Part Eight: Managing notifications

Zello can notify you with a sound or vibration at the beginning or end of a message. To change these, go to Options > Notifications.



Part Nine: Sending Text and Images

1. Open the app to the contact or channel to which you would like to send the text/image.

2. Tap the 'Messages' icon at the top right of the screen. This will take you to the message history screen. 

3. On the message history page, tap "Type a message" at the bottom of the screen to compose a text. Alternatively, tap the camera icon to the right to take a picture, or the smiley face icon to the left to open the Zello emoji keyboard. 

4. A message that is sent successfully will now appear in the message history. 

For more information on settings please refer to our Android Settings Guide.

This quick start guide should kick-start your ZelloWork experience. When you’re ready to dig deeper and discover more features, check out the forums.

Thanks for using ZelloWork! 


Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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