Getting started: using Zello Work on your Android device

This guide covers the basics of using Zello Work on an Android device. For a more in-depth look at Zello Work settings, see the Android Settings Guide.

Note: This guide only applies to android devices with screens. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Install Zello
Part 2: Sign in to Zello Work
Part 3: Managing your status
Part 4: Sending 1:1 voice messages
Part 5: Sending voice messages to a channel
Part 6: Sending text messages and images
Part 7: Message history
Part 8: Managing notifications

Part 1: Install Zello

Android users can install Zello through either the Google Play Store or the Zello website. 

From the Google Play Store

Search for Zello in the Google Play store. Tap Install to download the app to your device.

From the Zello Website

  1. From your Android device, go to

  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the Zello homepage. Tap Android under Get the App.

  3. Click the link to download the APK.

  4. Select Download.

  5. Tap your device's list icon (three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of your screen). Then, select Downloads.

  6. Select the Zello APK file. When prompted, tap Install

    Note: If your Android blocks Zello's installation, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Unknown sources on your device. Allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.

  7. When the app’s installation has completed, tap Open.

Part 2: Sign in to Zello Work 

  1. Open Zello on your Android device, and select ZELLO WORK.

  2. Enter your username, password, and network name. Tap SIGN IN.

Part 3: Managing your status 

  1. Open the Zello menu (the three linear dots in the upper right corner of your screen).

  2. Select Status.

  3. Choose your preferred Zello status: Available, Solo, Busy, or Offline. Additionally, consider setting a status message. For more information on the meaning of each status and how it affects message reception, see Managing your status.

Part 4: Sending 1:1 voice messages

  1. Open the Contacts tab at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Tap the contact you’d like to message.
    Note: Contacts that are online and available will have a green dot next to their avatar. Messages sent to contacts not online will go in the recipient’s message tab. 

  3. Press the PTT button to record and send your message. 

    Note that, by default, the PTT button is set to hold-to-talk mode, meaning you press and hold the button for the message’s duration. If desirable, the button’s functionality can be changed to toggle mode, which requires pressing the button once to begin recording your message, and then again when you’ve completed your message. For more information on PTT buttons—including how to change them—see the Zello Work settings guide

Part 5: Sending voice messages to a channel

The process of communicating with your channel is nearly identical to sending a 1:1 message.

  1. Open the Channel tab. Then, tap the channel you’d like to communicate with.

  2. Press the PTT button to record and send your message.

    A few notes about channel communication: 
  • When simultaneously connected to multiple channels, you’ll hear messages from each channel as they come in. If you’d like to focus your attention on just one channel’s messages, disconnect from the others by pressing the green power button to the right of the channel name. 
  • Network admins establish and maintain channel settings, including the channel type. Users can refer to this guide for information regarding their capabilities in each channel type. 
  • Zello is, by default, a half-duplex technology, meaning users communicate one at a time. Users must wait for an in-progress message to be completed before sending their own message. 

Part 6: Sending text messages and images

Note: Individual users can only send text and image messages if such has been enabled by their network admin. Admins, see this article for more information regarding enabling text and image messaging for your network.

To send an image or text to either a channel or contact, follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the intended channel/contact. Then, open that channel or contact's message tab. 

  2. Tap the message box to send a text, or the camera icon to send an image.

Part 7: Message history

Previously sent and received audio messages, text messages, and images can be accessed via the message tab associated with either the contact or channel in question.

  1. Select the intended channel or contact. Navigate to the message tab located in the top-right corner, and tap the message you'd like to listen to.

Part 8: Managing notifications

Users can customize how they’re notified of various types of alerts. For a complete run-down on Zello Work notifications, see the Android settings guide

To modify your notifications—including what you get notified of and how the notification comes through your device—follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Zello menu. Then, tap Options > Notifications.

  2. Tap the volume icon next to the alert type to turn on notifications, or the music note icon to set the alert tone.

Additionally, select alerts can be customized to include a vibration. Those options will be accompanied by the icon below:





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