iPhone/iPod/iPad ZelloWork Settings Guide

To access your settings, select “Settings” from the menu.


Manage your audio preferences.

Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth to use Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Recording amplifier: Move slider to the left for softer recordings or to the right for louder recordings.

Playback amplifier: Move slider to the left to make playback audio softer or to the right to make playback audio louder.

Microphone boost: Move slider to the left to lower microphone sensitivity or to the right to increase sensitivity.

Alert tones / vibrate

These settings allow you to change or manage audio, vibrate and visual notification and preferences.


Change audio alert preferences for the following events.

Alert volume: Move the slider to the left make the audio alerts softer or to the right to make alerts louder.

Ready to send: You can start talking.

Talk button up: You released the PTT button.

Incoming message: You have an incoming message.

Incoming message ended: You’ve reached the end of the message.

Error: An error has occurred. Some possible errors could be: 1. Disabled microphone, 2. Channel is busy when you’re pushing the PTT button or 3. You push the PTT and can’t connect with your contact.

Incoming alert: You have a call alert.

Connection lost: You’ve been disconnected from the network.

Connection restored: You’re reconnected to the network.

Signed in from a difference device:  Your account is logged in to Zello on another device.

Image Messaging: Enable or disable image sending

Customize Alerts: Change the alerts ringtones 


Change vibration alert preferences for the following events.

Ready to send: You can start talking.

Incoming message: You have an incoming message.

Missed message: You’ve missed a message.


Incoming message when in the background: When Zello isn’t in the foreground, a popup appears notifying you have a message.


Keep message history: Turn on to save messages in History.

Current account history (size): The number in parenthesis shows how many bytes of messages are in History. Select “Delete” to clear history. Beware this deletes all messages.

Push to Talk button

Change your PTT button preferences.


Toggle: Push once to start talking and push it again when you finish talking. You can talk for as long as you want, but someone can interrupt after 60 seconds. Toggle mode is helpful when you’re need to talk more than a few seconds, such as conducting meetings or giving lectures on a Zello channel.

Press and hold: Press and hold requires holding the button until you finish talking. Release it when you finish talking.

Wireless Zello Button

Change option to use a wireless button instead of the onscreen button.

Supported devices: This link takes you to a support article with information on Zello-certified headsets or buttons that are compatible with your device.

Wireless button service: Turn on to start using a wireless Zello button.

Discovered devices: This lists connected devices that Zello has found. If you don’t see yours listed, tap the scan button on the top right of the screen. Select your preferred device and tap “Connect.” This option won’t show if you don’t have connected devices.

Headset / remote control

Turn this on to use a headset or remote control button to use it as the PTT button. If you have a headset that supports remote control plugged into the headset jack, you can use it to control the talk screen. The play button can work like the talk button. Fast forward and reverse buttons can switch between recent contacts.

Change status to ‘Available’ on Push To Talk button press

Automatically switches you out of Busy mode when you press the PTT button. 


Change the look of your Zello app.

Current theme: Change the current Zello theme 

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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