How do I setup the RoxiTek RoxiLink Gateway?

Add a Gateway from your management console

1. Log into your management console with your admin Username.  It should be something like [Your network name]                           

2. Select Gateway from the top menu, and "+ New gateway".


3. Assign a Username and Password to the gateway. These credentials will be needed to sign in to the ZelloWork PC app later on.


4. Click on the Gateway you created to add channels and users. If the Gateway is not in any channels or connected to a direct contact, it will not be able to communicate with anyone.






Set-up the Gateway

1. Download the SiteCast drivers from You can close their UI once installed.

2. Make sure that the SiteCast and radio is connected to the PC. 

3. Download the ZelloWork PC application from the management console. Go to Dashboard>Get the app>Download now for Windows PC


3. Login into ZelloWork app using the Username and Password assigned to your gateway. 


When logged in you should see a status screen like the one below. If you don't, verify your logon information is for a Gateway, and not a user. 


TX denotes Zello for Work to radio direction and RX — radio to Zello for Work. VOX mode is used by default in both directions.

4. Open the Gateway settings by selecting Tools, then Options.



5. Make sure that the Playback device is outputting to the SiteCast. The Recording device should be inputting from the SiteCast too.



6. Select the COM port under TX to control the PTT of your radio. Choose the port, where the SiteCast is connected as well as RTS or DTR signal and low or high active level. 


Use the default VOX mode options for RX.


Make sure VOX mode is enabled.

Tip: If you are not allowed to select COM-port, open your device manager in Windows and make sure that driver is properly installed for the SiteCast. In some cases, Windows will find this driver once you have installed it before. 


4. Click OK to close settings and apply your new configuration.

You can now test your gateway with other Zello users. Make sure that the Gateway and Users are in the same channel you are testing with.

Tip: Tweak audio settings to improve audio quality here.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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