Set-up wired accessories for Zello


Depending on the Android, you may need to disable Google Play Music under applications to prevent the headset hook from bringing up music. 


1. Connect the accessory to your mobile device

2. Open Zello "Options" > "Push-to-talk button"


3. Select the push-to-talk button by tapping on "Custom" or "Headset hook"


4. Select "Toggle" mode under "Push to talk button action"

5. Make sure "Handle headset buttons when in the background" is checked


Although Zello does have the option to map a headset hook from an Apple headset, it is not often reliable. Zello does not have the control to maintain the headset hook for PTT control, so the headset button will sometimes trigger music.


Bluetooth devices are the best way to trigger PTT on iOS devices. See the most current list of iOS compatible devices here.

Connect your headset to your iPhone and then follow these steps:

1. Set push to talk button "Action" to "Toggle". (Zello menu > Options > Push To Talk button > Action > Toggle).

2. Make sure you have enabled "Headset/remote control".



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