Setting up wired accessories for Zello

Enabling wired accessories for a network: 

The admin must first enable the network to use wired accessories from the management console:

  1. From the Management Console taskbar, select Settings
  2. Select Android from the right sidebar
  3. Under General, select Use specialized wired PTT speaker-mic or headset
  4. Press Save and Apply

Adding a PTT button to a wired accessory:


Depending on the Android device, you may need to disable Google Play Music under applications to prevent the PTT button from bringing up music. Users can use any of the Zello certified accessories that function as a push-to-talk (PTT) device.

  1. Attach the wired accessory to your mobile device
  2. Tap open the app menu (3 vertical dots) at upper right
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Push-to-talk buttons
  5. Screenshot_20190612-151417.png
  6. Tap Compatible PTT buttons to see your wired accessory
  7. Screenshot_20190116-213425.png
  8. Tap on the accessory name to add to the list of PTT buttons available. 


Although Zello has an option to map the PTT button to a standard Apple headset, it's not always reliable. Zello cannot ensure total control while other apps are running, and the PTT button may sometimes trigger another audio or music app. To prevent this from happening, do not run other music or audio apps in the background while using Zello. 

Bluetooth devices are the best way to trigger PTT on iOS devices. See the current list of Zello certified Bluetooth accessories here.

To set up a wired accessory: 

  1. Connect the wired headset to your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
  2. On the main menu, select Options
  3. Select the Push-to-talk buttons option
  4. Select Add New Device to display Headset Button 
  5. Press the center headset button to set it:


Test the PTT button by using it to send a message to your Echo contact on Zello.


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