How do I add a new radio gateway?

To add a new radio gateway, you will first need to create a profile for the gateway within your management console. This profile is necessary to configure your gateway and connect Zello to an existing LMR radio system. Similar to a user profile, the gateway profile page is where you can see the channel membership, direct contacts, and online status for your gateway:

Note: please check your gateway specifications to determine the maximum number of channels that the gateway can be added to. 


To create a Gateway Profile:

1. Click on “Menu” in the top right corner of your screen, and then click on “Gateways.”

2. From the Gateways page, click the green button that says “+ New Gateway.” 

3. Generate a unique login for the gateway with a username, password, and (optional) display name. 


4. If the Gateway was successfully created, you will see it listed on your “Gateways” page: 

Now that the profile for your gateway has been created within your network, it can be configured to transmit messages between Zello and your existing LMR system.

Click here for full setup instructions for RoxiTek gateways.

Click here for full setup instructions for JPS Interoperability gateways.

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