How do I add a new radio gateway?

 To add a new radio gateway:

1. Prepare the site where you will run your gateway. Connect a Windows PC to the Internet and then link it to a two-way radio using one of the available hardware interfaces.

2. Add a new gateway through the Management Console. Sign in to the console and click on "Zero (no) gateways" in the Dashboard.

3. Link that gateway to at least one network channel. Select the gateway and click on "Add to channel(s)"

4. Download a Windows client application to the PC, install the application and log in using the credentials you created in step two.

5. The application will automatically activate gateway mode.

6. Go to Tools > Options... Menu > Radio. Configure the gateway PC-Radio interface.

7. Confirm that the gateway works by speaking to any network channel linked to your gateway in step three.  If you configured the gateway correctly, your message will be sent over the air and then received by two-way radios within range.


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