How does Standby status work?

Standby status indicates that Zello cannot send a message to a user in real-time. It occurs under three conditions:

  • When a device loses Internet connection due to loss of WiFi or cellular service
  • When the user has turned off their phone or stopped Zello from running  
  • When the user changes their Status to "Offline" to stop receiving messages.

Standby status cannot be selected by the user. It is automatically set when one of the three conditions occur and automatically reverts back to Available or Busy status when the connection is re-established or the user logs back on. 

How Standby affects messages from contacts:

When users are placed in Standby due to a lost connection or Zello is not running, missed messages will be queued and played when the user is back online and in Available status. The messages are automatically played in the order that they were received. If the user was in Busy status prior to going into Standby, the missed messages are sent to the Conversation/History screen.

If push notifications are enabled, the user will see a notification when they receive messages while in Standby. Note that push notifications need an internet connection to be delivered. 

The process of queuing and replaying missed messages is called "asynchronous message delivery" and is turned on by default. If you only want messages in real-time and don't want to queue any missed messages, go to Management Console Settings and turn off asynchronous message delivery for devices. Note that users won't be able to send or receive any messages while in Standby status.

When a user selects Offline status, the user is shown as in Standby status initially, and contacts can continue to send messages to the user for up to seven days. In order to receive the messages, the user must sign in within seven days after the messages were sent. After seven days, if the user has not logged back on, the status changes to Offline. No further messages or push notifications will be sent until the user logs back on.

How Standby affects messages from channels: 

Unlike contact messages, missed channel messages while in Standby are not queued for playback once the connection is re-established. Missed messages cannot be recovered but another user on the channel can share the missed messages with the user.

Channel Alerts will be sent as push notifications to users in Standby status if the originator of the Channel Alert has selected to alert all channel members, whether connected or not.

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