Blackberry ZelloWork Start Guide

Installing Zello

  1. On your BlackBerry, open an internet browser and type ‘YourNetworkName’ Select BlackBerry client.
  2. Select the ZelloWork icon from your desktop and check the box to allow access to ‘Personal Information.’
  3. Enter the name of the ZelloWork network you wish to use. You will see a cellular data use warning. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your personal login information. You will see a list of your Zello For Work contacts. Select a contact or channel and start talking.


Assigning the PTT button

You can assign the button you’d like to use to talk with these steps.

  1. Select “Options” from the phone’s Menu.
  2. Select “Push to talk button.”
  3. Select “Set PTT key.” 
  4. Press the desired button.

And you’re set. 



Contacting users

When your contacts appear online, you can start talking. Select the user’s name, press and hold the push-to-talk button, and say something. Release the button when you’re done talking. 

If the person is Available, you should get a reply soon. When someone is Busy (not available), Zello saves your message in history for later listening. If a contact shows as Standby, it means the user doesn't have the app running at the moment but you  can send him or her offline messages.  


Receiving calls when talking to a single contact

You can still receive calls when you’re talking to a contact or channel.




Sending a call alert

You can alert a contact and include optional text. Receivers will hear an immediate tone or feel a vibration that will be repeated every minute until they dismiss or reply to the alert.  You can add a text message or links.

  1. Select the contact you want to alert.
  2. Select “Send call alert” from the phone’s Menu.
  3. Enter text, if you wish.
  4. Select “OK.”

Beware, this also sends an audio tone that repeats every minute until the person responds or clears the alert.


Talking in a channel

To talk in a channel, select the channel name, and then press and hold the push-to-talk button when you want to talk. Release the button when you finish talking. As long as no one else is talking, you can talk away.


Changing your status

To change your status, press “S” and select your new status.

When your status is Available, all incoming messages play back in real time unless you’ve changed your options. When you change your status to Busy, Zello saves your messages in History. You can access them at a convenient time. You enter text to display to others when you’re busy. To do this, select “T” and enter the message. When you switch to busy, the text message will appear.

When you are offline, Zello does not save any new messages. It retains the messages you already have prior to going offline. Also, when you’re offline, other users see you in Standby mode and they can still send you offline messages.

If you don’t use Zello for one week or longer, it will automatically change your status to Offline for other users. Then you will no longer be able to receive offline messages or alerts.




Listening to messages (History)

To listen to messages, select the Channel or Contact and “H.” You can also access history by selecting “Show history” from the Options menu. Scroll to the message to play and select it. 

Identifying when you received your last message

From the talk screen, you’ll see a green circle next to a channel or contact. Select the contact and choose “Show history” from the Options menu. The last entry shows the last time someone contacted you. 

Replay last message

To replay a message, select Menu button and “Replay last message.” 




Managing notifications

Zello can notify you with an audio alert, visual alert, or vibrate. To change these options, do the following steps.

  1. Select “Options” from the phone’s Menu.
  2. Select “User interface."
  3. Change the options to reflect your preference.
  4. Press the escape button on your phone to save the changes.


Exiting Zello

Unless you exit Zello, the app runs in the background regardless of your status. You’ll continue receiving messages from active channel conversations. To exit, select "Exit" from the phone's Menu.

This quick start guide should kick-start your Zello experience.

Thanks for using ZelloWork!

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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