Set up the BTH-600 and BTH-300


1. Pair the accessory with your phone

2. Open "Options" > "Push-to-talk button"


3. Choose the "Bluetooth PTT control device" from the drop down menu


4. Make sure that the Bluetooth icon is selected in the bottom left corner



1. Place the accessory in pairing mode by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.

2. Open the Zello Menu > "Options" > "Push To Talk button" > "Wireless Zello button"


3. Select "Scan" at the top right to look for the Bluetooth LE device.

4. Select PTT-Z and connect it. This configures the button only.

5. Now pair the accessory under the iPhone BT options to start using the audio and microphone with Zello.

6. When set-up is complete, Bluetooth options should look like the image below. 


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