Sending Channel Alerts

Channel Alerts notify channel members of important messages with three audio beeps and a text alert sent to the Conversation/History screen. Unlike Call Alerts to contacts, the audio is not persistent and only sounds once. 

Enabling users to send Channel Alerts using User Roles

To enable channel alerts, Admins will need to create a User Role within the channel that allows channel alerts to be sent by that role. Once the role is created, assign the User Role to users in the channel who you will allow to send out channel alerts.

Sending Channel Alerts 

In the following example, a user named "user2" in the "Emergency" channel on the "mycompany59" network has been assigned the User Role of "Dispatcher" which allows her to send Channel Alerts to the Emergency channel. See how to set up User Roles here.

Now, "user2" can send Channel Alerts directly from her iPhone as follows. Android steps would be similar:

  1. Log into the ZelloWork network with the network name "mycompany59", username "user2" and password
  2. From the main menu, select Channels. The first screenshot is iOS, the second is Android
  3. IMG_3400.PNG Screenshot_20190819-150715.png
  4. Select the channel named Emergency
  5.  IMG_3401.PNG
  6. On iOS, tap the Channel Alert (bell icon). On Android, tap down arrow>Send alert 
  7. Image-1__62_.jpg Screenshot_20190819-150812.png
  8. On the following Send Alert screen, click on Send alert to. Select who to send the alert to: Connected subscribers or All subscribers whether connected or not
  9. IMG_3402.PNG
  10. Complete the alert by typing in the alert text and tap Send
  11. IMG_3403.PNG
  12. In our example, all connected users on the "Emergency" channel will receive a Channel Alert with a 3-beep alert and this text message displayed in the Conversation/History screen.
  13. Image-1__63_.jpg 

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