How to allow or prevent channel disconnection by users

User Roles can be defined by the Admin to allow specific users to deviate from some default user actions for a channel. This can be handy in customizing channel connect/disconnect rights for users in Team and Dynamic channels. A summary of the three types of channels (Team, Dynamic, Hidden) and when you would use them can be found here

By default, users on Team channels cannot disconnect from the channel, and users on Dynamic channels cannot be prevented from disconnecting. In the next section, we'll show how to create a User Role to override the default setting for specific users on those channel types.

Creating a User Role for a channel to allow disconnection

In this example, we'll show how a User Role is created to allow certain users to opt-out of the default rule of no disconnection for the "Everyone" Team channel.

  1. From the Management Console, select Channels
  2. Select the channel named Everyone from the list
  3. On the User Role section, click on the Add (+) icon to create a new role.
  4. On the Create Role screen, provide a name for the User Role and toggle on the Can disconnect from channel setting as shown below


  5. Tap Continue when done. Note that the User Role named "DisconnectFromEveryone" is a Listen only user. The user cannot speak on the channel but can disconnect and reconnect at any time 
  6. On the next screen, select the user(s) on the channel you want to assign this User Role. Here, we are assigning it to a user named zwuser2


  7. Tap Continue when done selecting users
  8. The new User Role named "DisconnectFromEveryone" will be displayed on the Channel details page for the "Everyone" channel


  9. After assigning the "DisconnectFromEveryone" User Role to zwuser2, this is how the channel talk screen will appear on zwuser2's device. There will be a power icon added on the right side, allowing the user to toggle to disconnect and reconnect at will. Since the User Role is Listen only, a banner is displayed informing the user that they cannot talk on the channel
  10.  Screenshot_20190913-170248.png          

Creating a User Role to prevent users from disconnecting on a Dynamic channel

Repeat steps 1-10 from the previous section but, instead, select a Dynamic type channel and toggle off the option to allow the user to disconnect in step 4. Once the User Role is assigned to a user on the channel, the power icon will be removed from the user's talk screen, preventing the user from disconnecting from the channel. 


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