Map the PTT button on the Duraforce XD and Duraforce Pro

Zello partnered up with Kyocera to make their programmable key a Zello compatible Push-to-talk button. This guide also works for the previous version of Duraforce and the Brigadier. 


Here is how it works:

  • If Zello is in the background, press once to bring up Zello and trigger PTT. 
  • If the screen is locked, a long press will unlock it and bring Zello up. Another press can be used for PTT. Unlocking the screen will only work if your screen lock is set to none or swipe. Otherwise, the phone will prompt you for a password. 


The steps below will allow you to use the side button for PTT when Zello is the foreground or background. 


1. Find the "Programmable Key" setting under Android settings.


2. Assign the programmable key to Zello or Zello for Work. Make sure "Wake up device" is checked to allow a long press to wake up the device.

3. Open the Zello Push-to-talk button options. Use the drop-down menu from "Select push-to-talk button" to select "custom" and press the programmable hardware key to map.

You'll see 0x0105 as the key value.  

5. The programmable key should now work as the Push-to-talk key, if Zello is in the foreground and a Zello contact or channel is selected.

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