David Clark noise cancelling headset

Zello partnered up with David Clark to bring you a heavy-duty, noise cancelling headset so you can PTT like a pro.


The steps below will teach you how to map the button on the HBT-40 and HBT-30 to use as Toggle mode. Toggle mode means you'll press to start speaking, and press again to stop transmitting. 


1. Open the Android settings, select Programmable button


2. Under programmable key choose Zello, or Zello for Work

3. Open the Zello Menu > Options > Push-to-talk button. Under the select push-to-talk button drop-down menu select custom and press the button on the headset. 

Change the Push to talk button action to Toggle mode. 

Find a dealer to buy yours here: http://www.davidclark.com/dealers/intlDealers.html.


Questions? Email support@zello.com. 


Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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