AINA PTT Voice Responder

Watch a video explaining how it works here!

First, assign the AINA PTT Secondary (lower) button or alert button to Zello following these instructions:

  • iOS - Select a contact or channel on Zello, hold down the Primary PTT (upper) button and then hold down the Secondary button or alert button for a few seconds to assign. You can assign the alert and secondary button to the same contact/channel.
  • Android - Assign the secondary PTT button to a channel or contact from the Zello Settings > Options > Push to talk button > AINA device. 

Zello and AINA specific features:

  • Two PTT buttons: One is used to respond to your most recent contact and the other can be assigned to a contact or channel. 
  • The front arrow buttons allow you to switch through your Recents list (iOS only).
  • While Zello is in the background the AINA RSM tells you the name of the user or channel activated as you switch through contacts (iOS only).
  • The red alert button will send a call alert to the activated user or you can assign it to a contact or channel to send an "Emergency" text alert (iOS only).
  • Answer and end calls with a dedicated button.
  • Use the headset jack for covert operations.

More information: 

Made in Finland
Push-to-talk mode
Micro USB compatible charger
A2DP technology and wideband audio for high-quality music
Covert mode option (all LEDs and speaker muted)
3.5mm standard audio headset jack
Sound Pressure Level: 105 [email protected]
Wind noise reduction
Noise cancellation
Bluetooth range 250m line of sight range
Unique friendly name on back cover for simple pairing
Docking station coming soon


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