Blackberry10 ZelloWork Installation Guide

Steps to download ZelloWork on Blackberry 10


To download your personalized ZelloWork app:

1. Open your browser from your Blackberry and type [Your network name]
2. Select "Download Blackberry app

3. Allow app installation

4. Turn on the Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed

5. Install app


6. Sign into your account with your username and password


To Install ZelloWork from Blackberry World:

1. Open Blackberry World and search for Zello
2. Select "Install" and then "Open"

3. Select I already have a Zello account

4. Select ZelloWork at the bottom of the screen

5. Select Add account

6. Sign in with your username, password and your network name

7. Select a channel or contact from your ZelloWork account to start talking



Now you're ready to launch Zello from your Blackberry 10!


If you have questions on how to install the Zello app on the Blackberry 10, please email

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