Username or password not recognized error (Android)

If you downloaded the Zello app from the Google Play Store, which looks like:


You may be getting a username or password not recognized error message while trying to sign in to your ZelloWork account. Follow the next steps to troubleshoot. 

Step 1. If you're using the Zello app from the Google Play Store, you will have to enter your ZelloWork network name to successfully sign in. If you're not being prompted for a network name, you need to make sure you switch over to the ZelloWork log in screen.

Screenshot_20180505-043738.png Screenshot_20180427-042624__1_.png 

Then sign in with your username, password and network name


Step 2. If you're getting the username or password not recognized and you're entering a network name verify the username, password, and network name. You may be able to do this during the sign-up steps by pressing on the icon to uncover the passwords like so:


However, if you've already made it to the dashboard, the best way is to reset the password by clicking on the username that you're using to log in, and choosing to "Change Password." 

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