ZelloWork Text Messaging

Text messaging is available on Zello for Android and iOS users. 

Texting is available for one-to-one as well as channels, including ad-hoc channels. A single text message consumes about 500 bytes of data. Text messages sent one-to-one will create a push notification for the user, even if they are offline. However, text messages sent through a channel are live and only sent to connected users on the channel.

Check out this article for details on how to send a text message: Sending a Zello text message.

Android users must have version 4.03 or greater installed, and iPhone users must have version 4.02 or greater.

ZelloWork administrators must enable this feature from the management console in order for users to enjoy texting. 

To enable on the console:

1. Log in to your management console as the admin user

2. Go to Settings>Common>General

3. Turn on Text messaging>Save and apply



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