How do I share my location?

Users on Android and iPhone are able to send their location to a direct contact or channel, including ad-hoc channels.

Location sharing provides recipients on Android, iPhone, and PC an address along with a map view. 

Sharing your location:

1. Go to the Talk Screen of a contact>Tap the down arrow


2. Select Send Location>Send

Android_ZW_locationsharing_cropped.jpg   Android_ZW_locationsharing_confirm_cropped.png

Locations shared can be found in Conversations. Selecting the location arrow from Recents or Conversations will provide a map view.

Android_ZW_locationsharing_openmap.jpg   Screenshot_20180629-165821.png

Receiving a location on the PC

Locations shared to PC users will create a notification on the Recents tab. Locations will include an address and a map. 

To view the address and map:

1. Go to History through the Recents


2. Click on the Location arrow to open a map on your browser


To view the map:

1. Click on the Location arrow in Recents OR History to open a map on your browser as above




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