Creating User Templates to customize user settings

Admins can create User Templates to define custom settings for specific users. The settings defined in the User Template will override any default settings assigned on the Management Console.

When would you need User Templates?

Management Console Settings are used to assign user and device settings by platform (Android, iOS...etc). If you have Android users you would use the Android Settings section to set values for all Android devices on the network. 

By creating User Templates, you can assign different settings to certain users on the same platform to further customize their device settings. 

For example, if you have two groups of Android users using two different types of phones, one of the phones may have a softer playback volume. You can create a User Template to assign a louder playback amplification for just those users with the softer playback volume. All other Android settings can remain unchanged.

Only Admins and supplemental Admins (without tags) can create User Templates. 

User Templates will allow you to customize these settings for selected users:

  • Web console access
  • Cloud history availability
  • Location tracking availability
  • App settings.

Creating a User Template

  1. From the Management Console, select Menu from the taskbar
  2. Select User Templates from the drop-down menu
  3. Click + New Template
  4. On the Create Template screen, provide a name for the User Template and tap Create
  5. The new User Template's Details screen will be displayed. In our example, the new template is named "User Group One". From this screen, you can grant Web Console Access (None, Full, or Map Only), turn on Cloud History, or change any app settings for this template.
  6. To illustrate how to edit settings, select Edit App Settings
  7. Initially, the existing console settings will be displayed. Edit the settings for the User Template. Any edited settings will display in blue text, with a revert icon to change back to the default. In our example, the "User Group One" will be edited for three Android options. The remaining options will remain the same as the general settings. 
  8. Tap Save and Apply when done.

Assigning a User Template to users

After you have defined a User Template, there are two ways to assign users to the template:

  • From the Users list
  • From the User Template's Details screen.

Assigning users from the Users list:

Note: A user template can't be assigned to the admin user.

  1. Select Users on the Management Console taskbar
  2. Select the users you want to assign the User Template. In this example, Alex, Bill, and Austen will be assigned to the "User Group One" from our example. When done selecting users, tap + Add template
  3. Select the User Template to assign and tap Done.
  4. The newly assigned User Template will display next to the usernames

Assigning users from the User Template's Details screen

  1. Select Menu from the Management Console taskbar
  2. Select User Templates
  3. Select the User Template you want to assign
  4. Go to the Assigned Users section
  5. Tap + to add users for that template


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